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Do you know what ecommerce is? See the benefits of selling online

Know what e-commerce is and how it can help boost sales in your business.

Do you know what e-commerce is?

Know what e-commerce is and it’s main benefits

A very common term in business, especially after the rise of internet and Smartphones, but which still raises many doubts: do you know what e-commerce means?

It’s an ugly word, but its meaning is simple: it’s about electronic commerce, in other words, selling and buying products through the internet.

Online business platforms allow you to keep and manage registers on your transactions, which helps decision making, and also expands possibilities of contact and relationship with clients.

Through these tools you can customize ads based on consumer data (such as shopping records), offering products and sales according to their interests.

Types of e-commerce

Even though new platforms come up every day, e-commerce has been a thing on the internet for many years.

Did you know, for example, that the first product sold online was a Sting CD, in 1994? The sale was done by Dan Kohn, an American college student, to a friend.

The disc took a few weeks to be delivered, much different than modern shipping methods we use today.

Since then, online sales have only increased and expanded to more sectors of retail.

Today, we consider that e-commerce happens in four ways:

  • B2C, business to consumer, whereas a business sells directly to a consumer, like when a client buys from your store;
  • B2B, business to business, popularly known as wholesale, where a store sells tor another;
  • C2B, consumer to business, where the consumer offers a service or product to a company;
  • C2C, consumer to consumer, the relationship between two consumers such as the individual entrepreneur that sells its products online to its community.

See how, to sell online, you don’t necessarily need to own a physical store or be a company.

Delivery365 can help you set up you online store and delivery system with a service that is winning clients all over the world. All this with very little initial investment.

Benefits of e-commerce to companies and professionals

If you’re still in doubt over why you should invest in e-commerce, we’ve listed some benefits to convince you:

Less spending with physical stores

In times of crisis, such as the Coronavirus quarantine, many store owners had to close their stores indefinitely, which caused severe financial damages.

Offering your products online has become a necessity for business of all sizes and segments.

In the case of small entrepreneurs that want to take their businesses to as many people as they can, for example, online commerce platforms can be of great help.

Without the limitations and have infrastructure costs that a physical store demands, e-commerce allows you to go beyond your community, selling and delivering to other regions.

Safety in transactions

Dealing with cash is a risk that, unfortunately, many people still need to take.

E-commerce tools have been reshaping this landscape as online payment each day becomes a more frequent reality in the life of store owners and consumers.

But you need to always be aware of digital safety recommendations to guarantee transactions will always be satisfying for you and your clients.

Delivery365’s service offers online payment that’s safe and effective! Our system allows fast payment confirmation and, consequently, more agility in product delivery.

Bigger flexibility for your staff

E-commerce can also help you work out other ways to set up your team.

While a restaurant depends on waiters, a maître and a cashier, a food delivery service excludes some of these functions.

These professionals can be rearranged, for example, to other positions in the production line, such as delivery arrangements.

You can also redistribute employees in work shifts that are more adequate to each moment’s needs.

Easier relationship with suppliers

As you can make selling easier, you can also make buying easier too!

Whenever you need an specific material or input, don’t rush: look for it online.

You can talk to your provider, ask questions about product specifications and eliminate needless traveling to stores and wholesale markets.

Remember B2B commerce: business selling to other business. See your suppliers as a web of online partners, integrated through delivery.

What about shoppers?

For those on the other side of the screen, the benefits are the same!

  • Your client doesn’t have to go to a physical store. They can ask questions, compare prices and close the deal in the comfort of their home.
  • Offer online payment and contactless delivery. This way, you guarantee safety for your consumer and delivery man, and advantage that will not go unnoticed when evaluating your e-commerce.
  • If your business involves privacy – such as a sex shop, for example – an online store guarantees secrecy for shy costumers. This also applies for people who want to make a surprise for that special someone!

Now that you know what e-commerce is and its benefits, are you convinced this is what you need to boost sales?

Invest in a safe and reliable platform and guarantee faithful clients with Delivery365. Smart solutions for better results.

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