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Small town delivery: see why invest in this market

Small town delivery is a reality in communities around the world. See 5 reasons for such growth in this market.

Delivery commerce and small town delivery are everywhere

Delivery is growing around the world

In recent years the number of companies working with delivery has grown. This is happening even in countries where recently it was not customary to order products online.

And with this increased demand, more and more retailers are joining delivery commerce, the fast delivery of products sold over the Internet.

In addition to fast food, snacks, and drug stores, department stores, furniture, clothing, makeup, and appliance retailers are now investing in fast delivery as well.

Delivery is hugely popular in big cities. All the metropolises and nearby cities have hundreds of restaurants and stores in the most varied segments, delivering home delivery.

But did you know that delivery is now also huge in small towns around the world?

It had an incredible growth even in cities further away from big financial centers. There are thousands of new establishments now delivering to the closest buyers. This growth has also led to an increase in the number of freelancers around the world.

More and more retailers and restaurant owners are using online delivery commerce platforms. Small town delivery meets the most urgent needs of the customer, which may vary from place to place, but continue to exist regardless of where in the world.

Peculiarities of small town delivery

It is important to understand the peculiarities of small town delivery.

Each community has unique characteristics that must be considered before opening a business.

Think about everything that makes your city unique: the customs of the population, the climate, the local habits. Even possible bureaucratic obstacles must be taken into account.

But the truth is that investing in delivery helps the economy. For both retailers and self-employed drivers, which make up one of the fastest growing workforces in today’s economy!

Check out 5 peculiarities common to small towns that you should consider before starting a delivery commerce.

1. Mobility problems

It is common for there to be mobility difficulties, both for residents and visitors.

Many of these smaller cities lack extensive public transportation, both buses or even Uber drivers. Also, tourist cities can restrict businesses that can interfere with the local routine or tourism.

Therefore, understand how delivery processes affect or are affected by the characteristics of the city.

Find out if there are time or location restrictions for drivers to work, how long it will take to receive products from your supplier, etc.

The community benefits from the advantage of receiving products without leaving home. This is useful for cities with public transport difficulties. It is also a way to increase the accessibility of certain products.

2. Cultural change

Say goodbye to the view that inland cities are outdated and backward. The technological revolution brought a new reality to these communities

Consumers in small towns are just as well informed about technology and market news as residents of big cities.

They also modified their routines with the introduction of smartphones. In the reality of these people, new habits and priorities are emerging.

Therefore, they are increasingly open to the introduction of new technologies and the facilities they provide. How about taking advantage of this paradigm shift to launch a new delivery in your city?

3. The success of small businesses

It is common, when you travel to inland or coastal cities, to see that the biggest retailers are local companies, very different from the larger retailers in the capitals.

An interesting feature of inland commerce are entrepreneurs who operate successful chains, with several stores in neighboring small towns. These entrepreneurs can especially benefit from delivery. Imagine optimizing stock, time and resources using delivery commerce!

Supermarkets, clothing stores, pharmacies and coffee shops that want to expand their field of action need to invest in delivery.

An ecommerce platform, like Delivery365, can help your brand reach new heights, in a simple way!

Create your online store, make sales over the Internet and deliver products through regional drivers! strados on the platform itself!

4. A different route

The advent of transportation applications created a new and expanding category: the autonomous driver.

This professional is already common in large cities, but now also appears in the interior and the coast. He is a central figure in the growth of various segments, including delivery.

Small towns need couriers and carriers who know the region intimately.

These professionals often manage to reach regions where even the post office does not reach. This further increases your ability to deliver to the customer when they need it most.

Plus, it stimulates the local economy, helping to support hundreds of freelancers! Delivery can help heat up your city’s economy.

5. High and low season

In the big city there is no bad season: delivery is a success all year round!

But on the coast and in cities where tourism is the main engine of the economy, it is common for there to be high and low seasons.

This means that at a certain time of year the city will be full of tourists and commerce will be busy. At that time, your delivery will see a great growth in demand and you may encounter some issues such as overorders and late deliveries.

So when investing in deliveries for your peak season business, don’t forget to follow these three basic rules:

  • Keep your inventory updated
  • Train your employees in all processes
  • Focus on growing your business

The flipside of the coin is the low season, where the trade aims to serve the residents themselves. Some cities even close their shops during the low season! This is a great opportunity to operate a dark kitchen, how about?

Not to mention times of crisis. Weather or public health issues can drive customers away from your store even during peak season. But with delivery, no sales are lost and you are always close to the customer when they need you most.

Inland delivery growth opportunities

Small town delivery all year round!

Delivery commerce covers all these peculiarities and allows monetary growth, regardless of the specific demands of the place.

Always be on the lookout for growth opportunities for your company! Delivery is one of the bets for any entrepreneur who wants to carry out his business.

Here are some advantages for those who invest in small town delivery:

Expansion to new markets

Delivery bridges the gap between retailers and customers who are often far away or have difficulty reaching a physical store.

Small merchants can now sell their product well beyond their own neighborhood. At the same time, if you work with more than one physical store, you can ship from store. This business model is ideal to optimize time and resources.

Keep an eye on new technologies

When you join delivery commerce, you put your company on the path of new technologies.

In the same way that, until recently, card machines, online accounts, etc. were not a thing, it is important to be prepared to use new technologies of online commerce.

Start delivering right now with Delivery365. Offer online payment, fast delivery and many more facilities for your customer. The best way to get ahead of the competition!

High sales in low season

Low season in tourist and coastal cities is a period when many stores close doors or work with shorter working hours.

Delivery can help your business keep sales afloat even without tourists around. Sell ​​through e-commerce to continue satisfying local customers throughout the year. You can even sell in nearby cities and reach customers who don’t know your physical store yet!

Create income and jobs for your community

Investing in delivery is helping your city generate income and jobs every time.

It is good for traders and also for delivery men. But it is especially advantageous for the customer, who has one more option to buy.

Arrive before the big retailers

E-commerce is already a success in small towns, but the distance from the distribution centers of the large retailers makes shipping expensive. And worst: long days of waiting until the product arrives!

But delivery commerce offers customers in your town and neighboring cities the possibility of receiving the product in a much shorter period of time, without leaving home.

Home trade is a facility available to everyone. Its benefits are enormous, and the reasons for joining this trend are even greater!

Want to deliver with no fuss, in a smart and intuitive way? Count on Delivery365, an app that connects your store to nearby customers.

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