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8 Strategies to ensure the success of your delivery service

A delivery service is already an option in the vast majority of companies, and the consumer is increasingly demanding in terms of delivery times and quality.

In order to remain competitive, many stores are looking for ways to improve their delivery process and it is how to do this that we are going to cover in this post.

8 strategies to ensure the success of your delivery

Understand the importance of good delivery planning

If you want to run a successful business, you need to be able to literally deliver because more and more shopping is happening online.

Globally, e-commerce sales in retail totaled $3.53 trillion dollars in 2019, and e-retail revenues are expected to grow to $6.54 trillion by 2022.

Shoppers want everything from food to cleaning supplies delivered to their doorsteps, and they’re willing to pay more if you can get their order to them quickly.

However, those who work with delivery need to be aware, because if the fast delivery is a positive differential, the opposite can harm your brand, since 13% of consumers say they will never buy from a retailer again if delivery is late.

In short: if you don’t have a good delivery plan, you will fail to exceed or even meet the expectations of your customers and may lose them permanently.

Understand the advantages of delivery for your company

8 Strategies for successful delivery service

Delivery business is operationally intensive and challenging.

With large e-commerce companies decreasing their delivery times, the market has been under increasing pressure in recent times to offer options such as same-day delivery.

There is no doubt that customers are demanding and a well-executed delivery has become a differential for attract more consumers.

As we said, this can be quite challenging, however, by adopting the right technologies and strategies, you can create a positive customer experience and generate greater value for your brand.

See the 8 strategies we’ve listed below to help you have the best delivery service.

1. Invest in technology

Without the use of proper technology, you cannot expect to have great success in your delivery business.

Delivering products and services requires tools that help you in the logistical process, such as address registration, contact with couriers, real-time tracking and route optimization.

Systems like delivery management software, RFID and barcode usage offer high-quality logistics tools and resources.

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2. Offer different delivery options

Unless we are talking about food delivery or emergency services, your delivery can take more than a day, which allows you to expand your range of delivery options and shipping rates.

It is already common to offer different terms and delivery modes, leaving it up to the customer to choose what he prefers, such as a more expensive express delivery, or a longer delivery time for a lower amount.

Allowing customers to choose their preferred option not only pleases and reassures them, but also enables them to select the alternative that best fits their needs.

3. Provide customers with real-time package tracking

Offering a tracking code has already become so common in e-commerce that it is practically a rule in the consumer’s mind, generating distrust in relation to companies that do not offer this feature as part of their delivery service.

The modern consumer has evolved rapidly in today’s technology-driven world, and is now demanding to be kept informed of the status of their order throughout the process.

Therefore, a delivery company MUST use a good last mile delivery software to provide customers with live updates via notifications, URL links, SMS or emails.

A big benefit of this is that you keep your customers involved every step of the way and thus improve your brand image, which helps in customer retention.

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4. Use packaging as a brand promoter

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: don’t underestimate the potential of good packaging.

Don’t forget that, in addition to being your means of delivery, the packaging represents and gives a face to your company, being the first real vision that the consumer has of your brand. So, take this opportunity to create a positive impact on your customers.

In addition to providing the necessary protection, excellent packaging can become a differentiating factor for consumers to choose you over your competitors.

Create a great unboxing experience and you will get new promoters of your brand, since today’s consumers love to share news that surprises them on their social networks.

5. Don’t neglect the logistics when choosing the package

Surprising the consumer is good, but only if it is a positive surprise. Therefore, before thinking about the appearance of the package, you must make sure that it does not create logistical problems or compromise the quality of your product.

Although boxes and packages are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, adopting a limited and standardized number of shapes/sizes simplifies delivery operations.

This allows the maximum number of packages to be loaded onto the freight vehicles, helping the delivery company deliver a greater number of orders in the shortest possible time.

The same goes for when the transport is done through a self-employed delivery man, who will probably be using a motorcycle.

Think about how your product can be better protected and packaged in the delivery vehicle in order to maintain its integrity until it reaches the customer’s home.

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6. Manage delivery cost

It goes without saying that ultimately, to be successful in a delivery business, it all comes down to this very important metric, especially if you have your own delivery team.

Unless delivery companies manage their shipping costs per order to calculate the required amount of profit while maintaining a competitive final price for the customer, they are likely to fail.

Transport cost-related factors such as fuel consumption, drivers, tolls (etc.) are incurred at all levels, both at the individual vehicle driver level and in aggregate costs accumulated at the company level.

Modern delivery management systems allow a freight company to deliver the most packages at the lowest – but still efficient – ​​cost of operation.

7. Plan for high and low demand

Just like every other industry, the delivery business also has its ups and downs.

Festive periods such as Christmas and New Year, for example, are some of the busiest times of the year, where real sales peaks and the demand for deliveries goes to the heights.

In these cases, if you don’t plan and prepare ahead of time, you won’t be able to keep up with the demand and you will leave your customers disappointed and unlikely to buy from you again.

Likewise, it is necessary to prepare for periods of low demand, creating campaigns and offers to increase sales. During these times, you can offer options such as a discount on shipping, “take 3 pay 2”, and much more.

The important thing for the success of a delivery business is to try to keep the balance, offering the best service to take advantage mainly of periods of high demand, which help to compensate for not so good times.

8. Support your drivers

At the end of the day, shipping companies should pay special attention to the workers their entire operation revolves around, namely the ubiquitous delivery man.

A driver works hours on the road in (often) adverse weather conditions, is away from home for extended periods, and is the final responsible for the delivery of the package.

Remember that they represent the “face of your company” to the end customer, and thus plays a very important role.

Taking measures to support them, offering good working conditions, infrastructure and fair remuneration should be an obligation of any company that wants to rely on a quality delivery service.

Furthermore, today’s consumers are very aware of brands’ social practices, prioritizing those that have policies and actions that care for something more than their own pocket.

Invest in the best delivery service for your company


An excellent delivery service is formed by several factors, as we saw above, but if you are starting, the most important thing is to invest in the right technology to help you organize and manage the entire logistical process.

To register customers and delivery addresses, get in touch with couriers, draw efficient routes, generate a tracking code and much more, you need to rely on automated tools, otherwise you will be subject to errors and waste a lot of time that you could be using in sales.

Delivery365 app was developed so that you can build your own e-commerce and delivery solution for products or services.

Every time someone makes a purchase at your establishment, couriers registered in the app are notified, streamlining the entire shipping process without you having to worry about contacting someone personally.

What types of businesses can use delivery services?

With a base of thousands of couriers qualified to get your products to customers anywhere, anytime, Delivery 365 app is the perfect solution to your delivery service.

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