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Delivery company: 5 niche markets for those who want to start

Are you thinking of opening a delivery company, but don’t even know where to start? This article is for you.

We separate valuable information for those who want to work with delivery and list suggestions of the best market segments.

Delivery company: 5 niche markets for those who want to start

Delivery company: 5 businesses that work

One of the advantages of starting a delivery business is that virtually anyone can do it, as it requires basic skills and few resources.

There are several types of delivery business and although they all have a lot in common in terms of the resources needed to get started, each one will still have its particularity that you need to know if you want to be successful.

So, take a look at the information below to get an idea of ​​what would be the best option for what you are looking for.

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1. Courier services (fast delivery)

To open a delivery company, all you need to get started is to have a means of transport, even a bicycle (depending on the area you want to cover).

Your mission will be to transport and deliver online ordering. The charge for the service depends on the destination and the size of the package.

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, it may offer specialized services such as envelope delivery, large or small packages, or both.

With more and more people shopping online, the search for delivery professionals is growing all the time. So, even if you start small, with just one client, if you show that your service is good and reliable, you will soon have a full schedule.

Starting a fast delivery business can be quite lucrative, especially if you are located in a central area. However, competition is fierce.

Gone are the days when the post office dominated the delivery market. It is very common nowadays to see small carriers and self-employed professionals performing this type of service.

For that reason, you will need to provide excellent customer service and reliability to stand out and survive. In addition to having a safe and effective means of transport.

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2. Food delivery

Food delivery is another business niche with high potential for profit, as it is one of the most consolidated industries.

The recent pandemic has made this type of delivery company in greater demand than ever, becoming popular in such a way that now what we see most are motoboys taking meals from one place to another.

To start, you can associate with some app, like the Delivery365 app, and make yourself available to restaurants and markets in the area where you intend to serve.

As your reputation, experience and resources grow, you can grow your customer base, including hiring partners to work with you.

When opening a delivery company, even if you start out doing deliveries yourself, your goal should always be to expand your operations and improve your service, so that, over time, you can focus only on managing and growing your business and hire your own delivery team.

Count on a mobile delivery app and a website is critical to running a successful food delivery service and staying ahead of the competition.

You also need a suitable vehicle and packaging to maintain the integrity of the transported food.

Importantly, the food delivery niche covers a wider range of delivery types. There are several specific areas you can look into, such as:

Food delivery for companies

The delivery of “corporate food” is one of the food delivery segments that generates the most revenue.

Millions of companies spend millions on lunch and coffee for their employees.

This is hardly a niche for someone just starting out, since orders are larger and require a good structure from the delivery company. However, when your business grows, keep this in mind as each order will pay a lot more.

Pet food delivery

A pet food delivery is another delivery niche experiencing rapid growth.

In 2019, the pet industry was worth $95.7 billion. Therefore, it is worth investing.

When starting this type of delivery business, you can start small. A motorcycle is enough to deliver dog food and items that are not usually large.

Meal kits

A meal kit assembly and delivery is another idea that gained prominence during the pandemic and has been consolidating.

In this proposal, you can deliver a ready-to-eat or ready-to-prepare food kit.

The main customers in this sector are university students and workers with little time to cook, but who want to keep their meals organized.

Its ingredients are partially cooked, allowing anyone to make them without much effort.

Packed lunch

Another audience champion, lunchbox is something very present in Brazilian culture and daily life.

Deliver packed lunch it’s a great business idea as it caters to all types of people, from single-dwellers to families, offices and schools.

With several small companies specializing in the assembly of lunchboxes, there will be plenty of work for those who want to deliver them.

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3. Delivery of groceries

Groceries delivery is similar to food delivery service but much easier to accomplish.

Fruits, dry food and other daily consumption items are not always urgently needed. They have a longer delivery window and customers often order them after work hours; therefore, it is common for them to be night deliveries.

Two advantages of this for those who do the delivery: charging a higher price, since you are working during special hours, and reducing the range of competition a little.

To open this type of delivery company, establishing a direct partnership with the owners of markets, butchers and even bakeries is advantageous.

You help them generate income while they help you start your food delivery business.

Again, the investment required to get started is just one vehicle and a suitable transport box, which guarantees the integrity of the food and other transported items, after all, nobody wants to receive crushed fruit or bags with broken biscuits.

A delivery app to facilitate contact with markets and customers, in addition to organize orders, payments and delivery routes, will definitely make a difference.

Over time, don’t just stick with essential groceries, be ready to explore other items with the potential to pique the end user’s interest.

4. Laundry delivery

This is a type of delivery company for more affluent residential neighborhoods that works.

Laundry delivery service can work in many ways including;

  • You can be an intermediary who acts as a link between the laundry and your customer.
  • You can open your own laundromat with delivery services. You pick up the clothes from the customers’ homes, wash and dry them before delivering them. Customers can also leave their dirty clothes at the laundry, after which you clean and deliver.

If your job is just delivery, you only need one mobile app and a website where customers place pickup orders, a delivery vehicle and a carrying bag, preferably with your company logo.

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5. Pharmacy delivery

Drug delivery was another sector boosted by the pandemic. In addition to requests in urgent cases, many people have become accustomed to this facility, relying on the service to deliver a wide range of items, such as diapers and personal hygiene products.

But to work with this type of delivery business it is necessary to know some particularities of this sector.

For medicines that require a medical prescription, the pharmacy must have some means in which the customer can send the document, either by email, WhatsApp, internet, among others.

When it comes to medications, the fast delivery is fundamental, after all, it can often be an emergency case. Therefore, to open a pharmacy delivery company, planning and efficiency is important.

Use the right app and ensure your delivery business succeeds


As you can see, it’s possible to start a delivery company in just about any area these days, including services.

If you provide any type of service, such as a haircut, maintenance of electronic equipment, veterinary care and many others, you can provide services at home, which is nothing more than a delivery of your services.

For this, you can also count on an application to receive orders, schedule deliveries and organize payments.

Delivery365 app was developed so that you can build your own e-commerce and organize your product or service delivery solution

How to create a service delivery

Every time someone makes a purchase at your establishment, couriers registered in the app are notified, streamlining the entire delivery process without you having to worry about contacting someone personally.

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