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Are delivery apps only for restaurants?

Many think delivery apps are only for restaurants. Check out 5 segments in retail that increased sales with this tool.

What businesses can use delivery apps?

When you think of delivery apps, you surely think of warm, delicious food arriving right at your doorstep.

Ordering food is an old custom worldwide, and delivery apps have popularized this fast and reliable way of getting your meals.

But if you think delivery is only for restaurants, you’re very wrong.

The number of segments in retail that benefit from this system of fast deliveries grows every day.

Delivery and e-commerce apps, social media and e-shops have expanded the catalogue of products we can reach virtually.

More and more people search for online solutions to all sorts of necessities, and store owners are increasingly offering ways of solving their client’s needs.

One way is through, where you create your online sales platform, integrated with a list of registered delivery men.

If you think your store won’t benefit from an online delivery service, see how these five segments in retail have reached new clients and became staples for those who enjoy shopping in the comfort of their home:

Drugs and medication

One of the first segments to popularize delivery, drugstores and pharmacies are already benefiting from advertising online.

But not only the store owner is benefited: by setting up your store with full info on your products, you make sure the client is well informed while shopping, avoiding headaches and future complaints.

Clients in this segment many times include people with disabilities who can’t leave their houses.

Online sales can not only help these costumers, but also creates an opportunity for you to reach people who wouldn’t normally pass by your physical store.

And more: in the same cart, a client can include medications, cosmetics, hygiene products and other everyday goods.

Help your client save time by offering a wide array of options.


Some people like it, but some think it’s boring to walk around the mall to buy new clothes.

Whatever the case is, offering your clothing online can be a way to reach – and please – new costumers.

People who enjoy shopping for clothes will love to spend hours browsing your online catalogue, imagining new outfits and ensembles.

Those who hate wasting time in clothing stores will love to know that now they can renew their wardrobe without leaving the house.

Not only will they skip the cashier lines and busy fitting rooms, but your clients will also love to have all the product details and specifications, such as color and sizes, readily available, and receive exclusive recommendations based on previous purchases.

And for those thinking “what if it doesn’t fit”: just be organized.

A system to return any purchases that works inside the delivery app can also be an additional benefit for demanding clients with no time to waste.


People with children know how hard it is to distract the kids when you’re in the middle of your everyday chores.

Technology has been helping parents and children through an ever growing number of online activities and streaming services.

But did you know that delivery can also be helpful?

If you have kids at home on a rainy weekend with nothing to do, what about a delivery app that offers toys, school and party supplies, games and consoles, clothing and candy at the palm of your hand?

Besides, those with small babies might need diapers, medication and other products without further notice.

Register your products, offer home delivery and see a growth in sales. Mothers, fathers and children will be thankful!


Mothers and fathers of pets are also enjoying the many benefits delivery apps have to offer animal lovers.

Out of dog food? There’s no need to make your client carry 50 pound bags around, or make them buy more expensive at the corner store.

Just offer delivery for your pet shop products and win costumers, both two and four-legged, wherever they are.

This segment is one of the fastest growing around the world, and counts with informed and faithful costumers who look for quality above all else.

Show how strong your brand is by registering your products according to different sections of your store, making it easier for users to find just what they need.

Make your store every pet owner’s best friend!


Everyone’s been through this: you’re preparing a delicious meal, but you’re out of one essential ingredient.

In the old times, you’d have to desperately go after an open store to buy what’s missing.

But today, big supermarkets and small corner shops alike are already using delivery tools.

Getting groceries from your local mini-mart at home is not just a privilege for people in small towns: in big cities everywhere, whoever sales knows that delivering is a must!

And not just packaged food: produce, fruits, breads and even meat can be delivered.

Define, in the product’s registration, a price per weight, and select only the best produce to make sure your client repeats the sale many, many times.

So now there’s no excuse: get your clients at their own homes, by offering the products they need the most.

Are you convinced your store can also grow with an online delivery platform? Sign up at, know our services better and be one of the first to be invited to this revolution in online shopping.

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