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Delivery in quarantine: what precautions to take?

Don’t let Coronavirus decrease your sales! Check out some tips to help raise precautions with delivery in quarantine, and be always one step ahead of your competition.

Delivery in quarantine demands precautions

5 tips to ensure safe delivery in quarantine

Since the beginning of the worldwide quarantine suggested by the World Health Organization due to the new Coronavirus, many segments of retail have been suffering blows, with stores closing and a strong decrease in sales.

Among the sectors most affected are bars and restaurants, malls and clothing stores.

This is because these sectors involve direct contact between consumers and sales people, something that’s unthinkable at this moment.

But even though we can’t be among friends at a bar table, or checking out the latest fashions in clothing stores, consumer’s needs need to be satisfied.

The delivery segment has increased over 60% in the firsts months of social distancing.

Delivery in quarantine has become not only a convenience, but also a necessity.

It allows your client to shop without “breaking” quarantine. Also, it limits the amount of people inside your store, guaranteeing more safety also for your employees.

But you need to adopt safety protocols in your establishment, in every single process and activity. After all, this is a moment where the whole world is turning to health care as a major concern.

We at Delivery365 have some tips to make sure your deliveries are 100% safe, for costumers and staff alike:

1. Use online payment options

Contagion risk through surface is relatively low, studies say. That happens when someone touchs a surface’s contaminated spot, then eyes, mouth or nose, without first sanitizing their hands.

But payment terminals can offer a great risk, because they are handled by both the delivery person and the client, mostly without the required sanitizing.

Offer your clients the option to make online payments through the app. By excluding the need to contact persons, and the payment terminal, you also decrease chances of contamination.

2. Offer delivery without contact

Did you know that, besides avoiding the use of payment terminals, you can also terminate contact between the delivery person and the client?

It’s the option without contact, where the delivery man leaves the package right in the costumer’s door, or the building’s concierge.

All it takes is for the client to point in the order that he doesn’t want to greet the delivery person. This option is perfect for people who are in special need of protection: elderly clients or those in other risk groups are specially benefited.

3. Adopt sanitizing programs in your business

You already know: washing hands, using hand sanitizer and disposable masks are essential measures to avoid Coronavirus contamination.

But remember that, even though surface contamination is uncommon, it is possible. Because of that, it’s important to sanitize packages.

Both product and delivery packaging and those used for transportation must be sanitized as soon as they arrive and before they leave your store.

To help make things a bit easier, you can introduce a sanitizing program in your shop. A helpful suggestion is to assign a work with this responsibility in every shift. This way, you avoid that contaminated packages are handled by multiple people.

Also, don’t forget to clean all packages, especially food items. This way, you reduce risks of contamination inside your establishment.

4. Avoid contact with third-parties as much as possible

Establish a routine where as few people as possible interact with your products.

Avoid, for example, that objects are handled by an unnecessary number of people. Certify that dealers, delivery people and service providers don’t circulate within your establishment without need.

This way, you avoid contamination both by surface and by reducing human contact within your store.

It’s also important that delivery people take some special precautions before they leave for a delivery.

Make sure they don’t hang around the front of your store while waiting for a take-out. Delivery365’s service has registered couriers who pick up your product at the store and take it directly to the client!

This way, you stop clusters in your establishment, and also maintain safety for both employees and delivery men.

5. Take care of hygiene in your establishment

Don’t forget that the biggest risk of contagion is through human contact.

So, it’s important to always keep an eye on your employees in case of any symptoms. Talk to your staff about ways to prevent contamination.

Always have in mind that the safety of your team is the first step to keep your business up and running, even during the pandemic.

We’ve listed some tips to diminish risk of Coronavirus contagion inside your store:

  • Offer masks and disposable masks. Make 70% alcohol hand sanitizer available in strategic places, preferably in containers that are easy to handle;
  • Place trash bins in strategic places for the disposal of masks, gloves and packages;
  • If your business involves a kitchen, keep utensils, cabinets and equipment always sanitized;
  • Even if your store isn’t open for costumers, make sure there is enough ventilation and air circulation;
  • Avoid clustering inside your store. Establish a protocol where only authorized personnel can circulate, especially during periods of lockdown and more intensified social distancing;
  • Create working schedules and shifts that allow employees to have breaks apart from each other;
  • Always be informed about new recommendations from health agencies, and don’t forget to keep your staff posted about such recommendations, through internal bulletins or periodical meetings;
  • Create a safety checklist: list all procedures to be taken for control and sanitizing, and report them to your staff.

Following these tips, and increasing rigor in hygiene, you’ll be ahead of the competition!

Delivery in quarantine helps keeping your business updated with market demands.  

After all, an infected employee is enough to shut doors. It takes caution and planning to guarantee productivity and results even in time of crisis.

Want to surprise and win costumers with safe, practical and reliable delivery? With Delivery365 you’ll be right where your clients are, whenever they need.

Check out our services and experience this revolution in the world of deliveries!

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