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The advantages of delivery for your business

Check out the advantages of delivery for your business and how it can help you reach out to new clients and retain more costumers!

Advantages of delivery for your company

Everyone’s heard of delivery services. Calling your local restaurant for a meal has been customary for many years now, but as we abandon our landlines, new bridges have been built between products, services and costumers.

Now, instead of browsing the phone book, we go straight to delivery apps, blogs, social media and online stores and search the internet for the desired goods.

Modern consumers are familiar with new technologies, and are highly informed. They want quality, price and practicability.

Therefore, not only advertise your products online, but also consider delivery services to increase your sales and reach new clients.

To give you an extra push, here are some tips and advantages of investing in a delivery service for your company.

What is delivery?

Before anything, what comes to mind when you thing of delivery? Many people think of pizza, hot dog, sushi… in fact, delivering is usually related to food services.

But delivering is much more: it’s about setting a tool that links your company to clients in a dynamic way that’s practical for both parties.

More and more businesses use delivery methods to reach clients they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Many retail and service segments already benefit from delivering:

  • Clothing: big stores, online thrift stores, high couture labels and small artists are now selling online all over the globe;
  • Furniture: whether you need custom made furniture, a new desk, a wardrobe or even electronics or appliances, they’re online, just a click away;
  • Toys: the kids segment is strong online, and delivering means an opportunity to reach parents that need to find gifts, toys and even stationary goods. There’s no need to bring small children shopping along with you anymore!
  • Delivering makeup, medication, fitness supplies and even groceries is now a reality worldwide. More and more business, big and small, invest in delivery to reach new costumers and increase sales.

Delivery = delivery apps?

Many people think deliveries mean having to deal with delivery men and investing in delivery apps, or that they need to create elaborate online shops.

It is true that delivery apps are the most popular, economic and practical way to connect to your client’s needs. They allow you to promote your products, close the deal and deliver, all within the same platform.

The costs of developing an app like this is high, but the good news is that now there is, where you or your company can create its own delivery platform for a very accessible cost, and synced with the tools you use, with a complete list of delivery people registered to make your life easier.

What are the advantages of delivery for my company?

There are many advantages for companies that decide to invest in delivery. Here are some of our favorites:

Reach new clients

Think of all the people that walk by your physical store every day. Now multiply that number by 20, and you’ll have an idea of how many visitors your online store would have.

Announcing your product online in delivery apps, online stores, blogs and sales platforms brings bigger visibility to your business, but it’s no good unless you make sure your product reaches the client, without demanding them to go to your shop.

Go towards who’s looking for you! No matter what segment, through delivery you guarantee your costumer will receive your product anywhere, whenever they need it.

Increase sales

Once your product is visible online to interested customers, and you made sure they’ll get it at home, all you need to do is prepare your stock:  sales will surely increase.

Clients want price and quality, with no fuzz – chances they’ll make a favorable decision towards your business are bigger when you offer the practicability of delivery, with no need to leave home, making sure you close the deal anywhere, anytime.

Offering a quality service, you also guarantee your clients recommend your store to friends and family. After all, everyone likes to share a good deal.

Fidelize your customers

Now your potential costumer already knows your product, already closed the deal and is satisfied with what it received at home, how about seducing him or her with new offers? Stores that offer delivery have bigger chances of selling again to satisfied customers.

When you get a taste of something and you like it, you’re likely to order it again. Guarantee the quality of your product and delivery, and you also guarantee they’ll think of you right away when they need your services again.

Remember that different segments of retail and services demand special attention: if you own an adult store, for example, you know your clients want discretion. A pet owner may need dog food without further notice. First time parents may desperately need diapers. Offer your services in a practical, fast way and create a lasting relationship with your client.

Make management easy

Now your sales are going strong, you need to organize and manage requests, sales and deliveries.

Delivery systems can optimize consultations, data extraction and organize your business in a way that’s easy, fast and intuitive.

Investing in delivery doesn’t need to be full of bureaucracy and paperwork. Using the right technology, you won’t be lost, will gain operational agility and guarantee every sales report is where you need it, when you need it. And the best: with very low investment. Sign up for and be invited to a new revolution in online shopping.

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