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What is m-commerce? Know everything about mobile sales

The next step for e-commerce is to be on the palm of the hand. Learn how m-commerce can help your company sell more.

Woman shopping on her phone using m-commerce

Picture this: you spent the whole day working hard, and now you’re tired and very hungry. You know that, back at home, there’s nothing ready to eat on the fridge. What do you do?

The answer is simple: you just need to order a delicious meal through delivery. But you’re really hungry, so it’s best to order your food while you’re on the commute, so the wait isn’t so long.

The good news is that now that’s possible, thanks to m-commerce!

What is m-commerce?

M-commerce comes from the term mobile commerce. It’s nothing but the selling and buying of things online.

Mobile commerce is being used more and more, both by buyers and sellers all around the world, thanks to many different factors:

  • The popularization of mobile devices with internet access;
  • The modernization of these devices, which are now faster and work more intuitively;
  • The development of new e-commerce platforms;
  • The appearence of new online payment methods;
  • The improvement of safety tools for online transactions.

E-commerce has developed from a series of online sales tools created to be used, at first, from computers. However, in a very short time, cell phones have become our main way of comunicating, sharing information, consuming entertainment and managing our daily tasks.

That’s why it’s important that the market follows these changes in behavior to optimize sales, and to always be close to clients.

M-commerce presents the possibility of always being conected with consumers when they need the most, in any time and place.

What’s the difference between e-commerce and m-commerce?

M-commerce is a variation of e-commerce, the electronic commerce of products, but directed towards the buying and selling through devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This envolves a series of initiatives that seek to adapt e-commerce services for mobile devices. These initiatives work both in the fields of marketing strategies and customer attention, and also in the interface of online commerce platforms.

Customer experience

Let’s go back to our example for a minute: you just left your workplace, and you’re very hungry. Imagine how great it would be to arrive home and, in a couple of minutes, a delivery man knocks on your door with the solution to this problem.

M-commerce allows customers to make purchases anywhere, excluding the need of a cable connection. They can also buy things on the way to a physical store, or leaving one.

That is a great distinction to present customers who stop by your store “just to browse”. Instead on making them go back to your store, you can push them to close the sale online, with programmable delivery using the ship from store method.


Every website we visit on our computer is also available for immediate access through our phone’s browser.

However, since these devices work with fairly smaller screens, and in many times are connected to the internet using low quality connections, it’s necessary to adapt the interface to optimize the loading speed and allow the client a better browsing experience.

Check out some tips to make your online store’s interface even better:

  • Web pages and apps that load faster are more pleasing to customers and increase the average time they spend on your store;
  • Keep in mind that smartphones and tablets don’t have keyboards or mouse, but they do have HD cameras attached to them. Because of that, technologies such as QR codes can be used to help the client not waste time typing;
  • The images you use need to have enough definition that customers can visualize them with no problems. However, images that are too heavy can become a problem for customers with low quality internet connection;
  • If your client needs help, tools such as live chat and video tutorials can help them without the need to call or go to the store;
  • Your store’s checkout should be as simple as possible, for that is the crucial moment when the client may give up on an order if they find the payment of data input interfaces to hard to use;
  • Mobile devices are smaller than notebooks or desktop computers. So, think of client’s accessibility and use bigger buttons and less text to make reading easier. Make sure every information you input is necessary, clear and objective.


Instead of a website, you can use sales apps to connect with clients in an easy, intuitive and fast way. Want an app where you can create your online store and make deliveries with no problem? Delivery365 is perfect for you!

Our mobile commerce platform has an intuitive interface that makes the customer experience even more pleasant. And the best part: with no worries for you, the seller!

Mobile device

Why invest in m-commerce?

There are many reasons why your company should start using mobile commerce right now. The very first one, of course, is to sell more! But in regards to customer experience, there are other interesting benefits:

1. Make payments easier

M-commerce tools work with the integration of different online payment methods. Besides, tools such as Google Wallet keep user addresses and credit card info from previous purchases stored in their Google accounts.

This translates to more speed in the payment proccess, a benefit that will surely push clients to repeat the purchase time and time again.

Another innovation is that, through digital wallets, clients can split the bill with other people. That’s perfect for a pizza night with friends! All it takes is that everyone is signed up for the same digital wallet service, which can be downloaded through any app store and only demands a very simple registration.

2. Always be available

Have you ever heard that, with mobile phones, now we’re all easiliy traceable at any time of day? That’s also true for your store.

After all, with m-commerce you don’t have to make the client go all the way to a physical store. The sale can be made in the exact moment the demand for a specific product comes up.

It doesn’t matter what you sell: clients can now order from home, school, work, or even in the streets, and receive product in any address through delivery.

3. Engage customers

We spend a good part of our day on the phone browsing social media. But did you know you can actually use this tool with m-commerce?

You can catch customers through social media and then redirect them to your m-commerce platform, where the sale will be made in a safe and accessible enviroment. And the best way to do it is through content and engagement.

An Instagram or Facebook page that adds value to your brand can help convincing the client that your business is the best. Use attractive images and written content that’s fun and quick to read to help raise interest and sell more.

You can also push clients to share your store with their friends. It’s a low-cost but very efficient advertising method.

If you want to know more, read our article with tips for client retention. I’m sure you’ll be surprised with the many ways social media can help your e-commerce.

4. Notifify the customer on changes in their order or sales

Once an user becomes a client, you can notify them on sales, promotions and opportunities. It’s a way to lure them back to your store and raise sales.

Besides, m-commerce platforms such as Delivery365 offer order tracking and notifications that warn clients about every step of the purchase.

This way, consumers are sure their order will arrive with no problems, and are more secure to repeat the purchase whenever they need.

5. Establish a new communication channel

And last, it’s important to remember that mobile commerce establishes a new channel of communication with your customers.

It’s one more way to create a link and always be closer to them. This way, you set a lasting relationship that will convert to more sales.

When your store is available in the palm of the hand, you can more easily provide information on products and make market research faster. Besides, it’s way to make clients feel secure, and let them know they can count on you whenever they need.

Invest in mobile commerce with Delivery365

Now you know what m-commerce is, how it works and why it helps your business, it’s time to take the first step towards this revolution.

With Delivery365 you sell more and will always be ahead of competition.

Delovery is growing ast around the world, and you need to be aware of this new ways of selling that will become even more common in the next few years.

Count on our platform to take your online store to the next level!

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